Double-header jazz gigs

Back at the beginning of the year, my calendar looked really full but didn't have a whole lot of jazz on it, which made me feel like :/

Well, good news: I've got some cool jazz gigs coming up. This Sunday 4/27, my quartet, Many Blessings, is coming to the Green Mill for its monthly Chicago Jazz Composers Collective series. As if that weren't exciting enough, I'm also playing drums in the other band on the bill, the Terry Bartolotta Group! Check out the Facebook invite for the event, and come out if you can make it. What else says "spring" like a Sunday afternoon jazz matinee?

On May 11th I'll be doing double-duty again, playing with the aforementioned Terry Bartolotta Group as well as the Dan Burke Quintet for a gig at Uncommon Ground in Edgewater. Both groups will be doing all [really good] original music. Check out some videos below:

TBG playing "Triste":

DBQ playing "Tune":

This one's not a double-header, but I'm also really looking forward to playing with trumpet player James Davis at the Whistler on April 30th -- we'll be playing music by the classic Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker Quintet from the '50s. I've been a fan of that group's music for years and it was the original inspiration for the instrumentation of Many Blessings, so I'm pretty excited to have a chance to play it. The Whistler's bartenders will be making drinks from the book Left Coast Libations all night to go along with the music.

Why don't you go ahead and indulge in some great tunes by the GM/CB Quartet?

As always, keep your eye on the Gigs page to see what else is happening. I'd love to see you out there in the real world soon.

Happy spring!

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