Post-gig: Many Blessings at the Green Mill

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I was looking forward to, among other things, playing with Many Blessings at the Chicago Jazz Composers Collective concert at the Green Mill on Sunday, 4/27. Well, we played the gig, and we sure had fun. Marquis, Jim and Dan played amazingly, of course. I felt extremely grateful to everyone who showed up -- lots more folks than we expected.  

I play many different types of gigs as a working drummer in Chicago, but it's occasions like this that really put in to perspective why you pursue a life in music in the first place -- playing my own music with a group of great musicians for an appreciative audience in a historic jazz club. What more could a guy ask for?

The good news for you, if you weren't there, is that I have audio of the gig online for your streaming pleasure! Click here to listen. Picture yourself sipping a beer at the Mill on a Sunday afternoon, and it'll feel just like you were there.

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